Stair-Tec   Installation Gallery
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A  Large Radius Curve Stairlift Installation                                                                          Manufactured by  Sterling Stairlifts
The rail is a perfect fit thanks to Sterling's new digital imaging system . It blended so well with the home decor that its almost invisible.           Photos courtesy of M. Boyes
An Inside Curve Lift  With a 90 Degree Bottom Landing                                                                           Manufactured by Bruno
                  Seat is Equipped  with a Custom 5 Point Upper Body Harness                                                                                                 Photos courtesy of J. Dillard
        A Straight Stairlift installation.   Pictured is the Sterling 1000.                                      Manufactured by Sterling Stairlifts
    300 lb. capacity with available power swivel seat, and power-fold footrest.  There is  a long list of available options for every need including a stand-up lift
          The Sterling 950 fits well into tight spaces and has a capacity of 265 lb.                    Manufactured by Sterling Stairlifts                 
An  excellent all around straight Stairlift.  Highly recommended !!!