Where to start
One of your first considerations will be, do I want to purchase or rent my stairlift?
A good way to make this decision is to consider how long you will need the lift.
If it is likely that you will need the stairlift for a period of two years or longer then it makes
good sense to purchase the lift from the start.
We also offer a variety of rental programs for those who may need a lift for a shorter period
or want an installation with a lower initial cost. All rentals can apply the first two months rent
towards purchasing the lift
What's next?
Next we need to find out the configuration or shape of the stairway.  We will also need
some information about the size and ability or needs of the person or persons who are
going to be riding the stairlift.
We can provide lifts for all shapes and sizes of stairways. Starting with the most basic
straight stairs all the way to the most complex curved stairway, we have stairlifts for all
sorts of applications.  
We can also accommodate all shapes and sizes of customers from the very petite to extra
large 400 pound capacity. And we can provide extra safety equipment when needed like
shoulder harnesses for kids who may need upper body support.

                      STAIRWAY CONFIGURATIONS




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